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How to use Grans Remedy

Jeff our pharmacist at Sydenham Pharmacy Christchurch demonstrates how to use Grans Remedy Smelly Feet Powder.

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0:12 Hot Christchurch Weather and Smelly feet
0:16 Types of Grans Remedy Powder
0:30 Best Seller
0:34 How long it lasts
0:40 Shake
0:50 How to use the powder
1:08 Measuring
1:20 Socks help treat other shoes
1:36 Frequency of application

We have three grans remedy products in stock

Gran Remedy Original Foot Powder 50g

Gran Remedy Cool Foot Powder 50g

Gran Remedy Scented Foot Powder 50g
Shakeer Nadakkavil : available in dubai...?


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Gran's Remedy - No.1 Solution for Smelly Feet & Footwear

Gran's Remedy Shoe Deodorizer Powder and Foot Odor Eliminator
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Are you tired of the embarrassment of your smelly feet and shoes? Are you self-conscious and stressed about it? Well, we here at Gran's Remedy have developed the cure and the end to eliminate your foot odor problem and bring your confidence back. Unlike other products out there that just temporarily mask over the smell, our powder actually treats the source of the odor.

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Wonyoung Park : Nice product. It worked actually. Thanks Gran, like the handyman in video does.
Martha Sanroman : Simply wow
Kelly Engle : Nice content !! thanks
Diane Strickland : Search a Great video




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