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Nike Zoom 2K Review

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It's That Guy Wes : i personally like the cheesy 90s touches all over the shoes... and the black on white colorway is simple, but hella fresh...
Paladio Blaze : This joint is so retro that I thought it was a retro lol.
Clyde Cledera : I always end up laughing whenever Nightwing does the "The More You Know" meme hahaha but of all seriousness these look fresh. That DubNation colorway would look so good on June.
shawnnyb0ii : Been wanting to see them on someone else’s feet lol. These def caught my eye first release.
EDN1115 : If I ever need to know something about a shoe this channel is the place to visit. You show no brand loyalty cause your reviews are genuine, and straightforward. I truly enjoy your channel, and keep up the great work!!!!

Nike Zoom Rize Performance Review

Hey Guys! Today we have the Nike Zoom Rize Performance Review.

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Rocky Doggy : I like the outdoor video with the player movement explanation, you should do these more often for future reviews
Jonathan Razon : Wow, just like years ago when you used to do reviews outdoors. :-)
Jonathan Rentas : This was great. Love the talk about how the tech works with player movement and why each piece of the shoe is important to the player. Excellent stuff hefe
Big Potato : Weartester as a basketball coaching channel?!?! I'll take it any day
Wes Lee : the outdoor review reminded me of the old times!

3 BIG Warnings Before You Buy The Nike Zoom Freak 3

Real foot doctor reviews and tears down the Nike Zoom Freak 3 with on court tests , teardown and durability tests. Is Nike's NEWEST Zoom Freak shoe for 2021 worth your money? These are some of the most tech packed basketball sneakers of 2021 with tandem forefoot zoom air units and a aerodynamic mid and outsole design- but judge for yourself if they're worthy enough to be a game/ match day sneaker

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00:00 Video Intro

As a foot doctor I look at basketball shoes and basketball sneaker technology a bit differently as I focus more on what foot types benefit from these shoes as well as the tennis shoe's functional attributes on the tennis and basketball court

Some of the main areas we cover in this basketball shoe playtest, teardown and performance review are:

- The weight, durability, fit and playability
- What are the features of the insole, midsole, and outsole
- Nike basketball shoe technology explained

Part of the 2021 Basketball shoe review series

DISCLOSURE: I often review or link to products I regularly use and think you might find helpful. Wherever possible we use referral links, which means if you click one of the links in this video or description and make a purchase I may receive a small commission or other compensation.

Many of my links to products/gear are links to those products on Amazon. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and related sites
Foot Doctor Zach : Check out the UA Flow FUTR X here:

iakona23 : Could you do more running shoe tear downs and reviews like this one? Thank you for your videos!
Shunsuke Kahn : Hi Zach, I recently found your channel for tennis shoes & I am loving the content. I had a question about b-ball & tennis shoes. Can you use basketball & tennis shoes interchangeably between sports, or is each shoe optimized for their respective sports, at least for the hard courts? There are a lot of great basketball shoes that I think would be good for tennis. I remember I used the Michael Vick shoes back in the day for basketball lol
Lambros Stamos : I think you should go a bit out of the box and try the ASICS Metarise, volleyball shoe. I absolutely love Giannis, that's enough reason to buy his shoes. They are the championship ones.
РокЫч : Hey, Doc! Great review as usual! You set a high level for competitors in the niche.

May I ask for an advice?
I’m wide and flat feet and can’t pick a good pair of shoes for tennis. ASICS GR 8 way too narrow, when I go 1 size up, then it’s too long. I usually wear 9us Adidas and Reebok.
New Adidas barricade seems comfy, but I’m afraid that my heel will die after playing in them.
I’m living in Russia and our policy in the stores is if you buy something and wear the shoes outside, then you can’t take them back unless they’re bad in quality (destroyed during 30 day period). Any advice, sir? Thank you in advance.




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